Some Motorcycle Companies might increase the Price of products due to higher input cost on the production of the motorcycles. The price increase might vary between 5,000 – 10,000 BDT depending on their products.

bangladeshi 1000tk
YAMAHA by ACI Motors

Currently lots of motorcycle companies are giving offers on their products to boost up the sales & also there is a huge demand of commuting motorcycles in Bangladesh. Most people are now preferring motorcycles as it is easier to move from one place to another over public transport & also there is a higher chance of spreading Covid 19 in public transport like buses or ride sharing cars over a motorcycle.

Due to global pandamic which stuck China back in January 2020, one of the key suppliers of raw materials in the world supply of raw materials has become scares, For making motorcycles you need plastics, cooper, steels & aluminium in good quantities. Prices of those commodities has increase.

motorcycle companies flight chagers cargo ship

Also the freight charges has also increase due to scarcity of containers & ships availability in the world. Although dollar price has been a bit stable in Bangladesh in the past one year but there is no gurantee that it will stay the way it is now.

Zontes Bangladesh

In the 2021-2022 budget there hasn’t been any major tax changes in the motorcycle industry & we have seen this year that some companies who are bringing motorcycles in CBU condition has increase the price of their bikes.

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I think that the companies who are bringing motorcycles in CBU condition will have the most effect as the companies who are manufacturing motorcycles in Bangladesh will have the luxury to pay less taxes due to government regulations but the companies who are bringing bikes in CBU will have a tough time fighting this out.

motorcycle-chassis frame

Most of the bikes which comes in Bangladesh are coming from India or the raw materials & we have seen in the past 3 months that many major motorcycle companies in India has increase the price of their bikes & I won’t be surprise that if the same trend starts to happen in Bangladesh in the coming months.