eWave Electrica is a modern electric scooter. It was released by Runner in Bangladesh. The eWave has a completely unique design when compared with most electric scooters in Bangladesh. The scooter has a refreshing design, coupled with the design is the specifications. The scooter is fully electric, which means the scooter is eco-friendly and has no emission whatsoever.

Runner Automobile Limited started its journey back in 2000. Since Runner has developed from a single company to a complete empire of industries. Runner in Bangladesh is known for being a motorcycle manufacturer and a motorcycle importer. Runner prides themselves in producing bikes that are “made in Bangladesh”. Runner has only one scooter in their complete lineup, and that is the Runner Skooty 110. However, they do have 3 different eco-friendly electric scooters in their lineup as well.

Key Features:
The EWave Electrica is one of the few commercially available Bangladeshi made electric motorcycle. This scooter looks like a commuter scooter. It gets the pipe handlebar, the large tank design, the sporty headlight design. This scooter looks very good and overall, it is very interesting to ride as well.

The EWave Electrica does not come with any chain sprocket. This means this is a rear motor driven motorcycle. This allows the scooter to more efficient, but less fast. Which means, that this scooter maybe slower than the Akij Durbar or the Akij Durdanto, but it will be more efficient than both of those scooters. The no fuel system also allows the scooter to be more eco-friendly.

The EWave Electrica comes in only one color. That is:
Black and orange.
The EWave Electrica is quite stylish, as it has a few attractive decals.

The EWave Electrica comes with a fairly good brake, suspension, and tire setup. The overall setup is as good as a traditional motorcycle. This makes this scooter better than almost all electric scooters.

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Another factor of electric scooters is the sound. Electric scooters virtually have no sound at all, which prevents the pollution of sound.

Physical Attributes:
The EWave Electrica is expected to come with a very average seat height which riders above 5’3” can easily ride. The overall scooter is quite small, which allows it to squeeze through the traffic. This scooter has a fairly smaller body.

The height, length, and width of the EWave Electrica are virtually unavailable. From a visual standpoint, the scooter is expected to be similar to most commuter scooters. The weight of the EWave Electrica is expected to be an average weight which people can easily maneuver.

Motor and drive:
The eWave Electrica is a beautiful bike with a lot of good features. The capacity of the bike is about 60V, 20AH, and 800W. The range of the scooter is expected to be around 40-50km. The bike is expected to be reliable and comfortable. The scooter is expected to charge in about 6-7hours of time. The scooter is full electric which makes it very environment friendly and produces no greenhouse gas.

The scooter does not get any gear, which makes it very easy to ride and learn. The scooter’s top speed is expected to be around 45-50kmph.

Brakes, Suspensions, and Wheels:
The EWave Electrica comes with a single disc braking system. The front of the scooter gets a disc brake, which is great, as it helps the braking and has better braking performance than a drum brake. The rear wheel gets a drum braking system, which is a bit disappointing, but is accepted. The overall braking of the bike is improved with a CBS system; however, the bike does not get any CBS.

The EWave Electrica comes with basic telescopic suspensions at the front and dual shocks at the rear. The front telescopic suspension is expected to perform decently just like most scooters. The rear dual shock suspension is expected to perform decently on the bumpy roads. However, the scooter may not perform as well in the corners.

The EWave Electrica comes with a very unique tire setup. The front tire and rear tires are 90/90-10 sections. The tire setup may not be the best setup out there, as this kind of tire setup has not been tested or tried out. However, for a scooter with this power, it will be enough.

Pros and Cons:
The EWave Electrica, like any other scooter, has its pros and con. The pros and cons are mentioned below:
Sporty profile.
Upright comfortable pipe handlebars.
Good suspensions.
Higher range.

Low speed.
Thin tires.
Build quality.

Target Audience:
The EWave Electrica is for the young generation and the youngsters of Bangladesh. This scooter is great for people who wants a commuting scooter for themselves, and also wants to get a scooter which will not harm the environment. The scooter is for the people who care for the earth and also wants a bit of style.

The competitors of commuter electric scooter aren’t much, but there are other scooters that are in this range. They are:
Runner Skooty 110.
Pegasus Victory 80.
Roadmaster Rex.
H Power Start 80.

The EWave Electrica is a magnificent electric scooter. This scooter holds up to its name with its features and specifications. The EWave Electrica is one of the few commuter electric scooters. This makes it quite unique and desirable.